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Nexus Extremities is an innovative small joint arthroscopy company focused on scopes, micro-style instruments and surgical kits. Our model is to seek out partners to bring minimally invasive surgical technique and sophisticated products to highly skilled surgeons.

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Badia Arthroscopy System

One of the original surgeons in the field of orthopaedic small-joint arthroscopy, Alejandro Badia, M.D., F.A.C.S., has established a career's-worth of experience and knowledge into the innovation and use of arthroscopic instrumentation. Contact us for more information, or look into our training opportunities.

Badia Arthroscopy System Tool
Badia Arthroscopy System Tray
Badia Arthroscopy System Tray Lid


Anovium Solution Needle
Anovium Solution

Anovium Solution is a non-surgical treatment option for pain management due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, and anti-bacterial properties.